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Volume 1 Number 1
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I have been employed part time by Webinar Resources of Normandy, Missouri since March of 2006. Managing Director Mark Rice has extended an offer to me of full-time employment, and I have accepted. Our new arrangement will begin on April 1.

Naturally, you are wondering how this will affect the work I do for my other clients. Webinar Resources, unless you object, will assume control of your account, and just about everything will be the same as before. Previously existing customers will be billed at the same rate as before, and the same person, namely me, will be doing the work that I have always done for you. I will continue to work from my home office, so my contact information will not change. I will have access to more resources, which will enable me to expand my offerings to you. If I did work for you during March, your March invoice will come from me, and any future invoices will come from Webinar Resources. That should be the only difference you notice, other than improved offerings and service. We have agreed, that should my employment end, any client who came in with me and wants to leave with me will be free to do so, so if you are not satisfied you don't have to worry about a difficult parting and the headaches that can come with such a situation.

Before Webinar Resources employed me part-time, I was an independent contractor for the company beginning in August 2005. I have worked long enough with Mark Rice to have a high opinion of his integrity and desire to take care of his customers, not to mention ability in providing innovative services. Mark Rice will introduce himself and his company to you in his following message.

If you have any questions for me, my contact information is on my Contact Page and in the Client Help Area, which will remain in existence.

I am most grateful for the business that all of my customers have entrusted to me in the past, and I look forward to earning your continuing regard in the future.

Yours truly,

Carolyn M. Hasenfratz

Mark Rice
Managing Director
Webinar Resources

Webinar Resources is pleased to announce that Carolyn M. Hasenfratz will be joining the company as our Creative Director. Carolyn has provided interactive media services to Webinar Resources during the past two years on a both a contract and part-time basis. Her exemplary creativity and expertise in web content design will provide the essential service offerings that Webinar Resources requires to grow our interactive media and marketing services.

In an agreement between Carolyn and our firm, her existing accounts will be transitioned over to Webinar Resources. We welcome your company to our prestigous list of customers. We expect the transition of Carolyn's services to not affect the delivery of her existing and future services for your company. Carolyn's transition of services will provide your company our value-added services offerings that will grow your audience and visitor acquisition. You can expect the highest level of support and service from Webinar Resources.

Please feel free to learn more about our company and services by visiting our website at We will be in contact with you soon to discuss your existing and future requirements.

Thank you,


Mark Rice
Managing Director
Webinar Resources
7520 Natural Bridge Road, Suite 203
Normandy, Mo 63121
314-385-5211 office
314-662-6014 mobile

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Carolyn Hasenfratz Design Newsletter

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