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Experiments with rubber stamping on fabric

This past weekend I had a lot of fun taking out fabric scraps and rubber stamping on them. Some of the stamps I used are from my Carolyn’s Stamp Store collection and some are stamps that I’ve hand carved and haven’t turned into a commercial product yet. Some of the geometric shapes used came from a Memory Essentials Terrific Tool & Tips set.

To get interesting backgrounds to stamp on, I experimented with brushing and sponging onĀ Dye-Na-Flow paint and Crafter’s pigment inks. I did some masking with tape and also rolled some background stripes using a Memory Essentials Get Rollin’ tool.

Stoneware Petroglyph Tiles

Ceramic Tiles Impressed with Hand-Carved Rubber Stamps
Ceramic Tiles Impressed with Hand-Carved Rubber Stamps

These tiles were made by hand carving rubber stamps and pressing them into stoneware clay. They were glaze fired to Cone 10.

Here is a tutorial I wrote about carving rubber stamps:

And here is another about making ceramic tiles from rubber stamps: