Carolyn Hasenfratz Design Newsletter
Carolyn Hasenfratz Design Newsletter

Volume 2 Number 5

Welcome to the eleventh issue of the Carolyn Hasenfratz Design and Carolyn's Stamp Store email newsletter.

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Webinar Wednesdays 1st Edition

Webinar Wednesdays My employer Webinar Resources is launching a new free webinar series. In the first edition of Webinar Wednesdays host Peter Muir of Bizucate Inc. will introduce the progressive multi-channel approach to successful event execution. Responding to the shift in the economy, as well as, methods of communication Muir proposes a revolution in the way business events are planned and structured. Moving away from the singularly focused traditional format to a phased and more engaged event strategy.

The webinar will cover how this approach was developed-identifying the weaknesses in the traditional format it aims to improve and the strengths it seeks to emphasize. The basic tenets of the new method and four main phases will also be briefly outlined. This will be your chance to hear about this exciting and fresh perspective of how to create truly successful event.

Register Now

To join our webinar email list, just text "webinar" (a space) and your email address to 88769. We'll keep you informed about upcoming webinars in the series.

"Help! I'm using so many applications I'm losing
track of them all!"

Multi channel marketing is more important than ever before. Your audience is becoming increasingly segmented, and you have to open up more channels in order to be where the action is. Do you remember when just having a web site set you apart from the competition? Adding Facebook or Twitter to your multi channel mix used to be a cutting edge move - now social media applications have become so entrenched that Tweets like this one I saw this morning are possible - "Websites vs Facebook Pages: which URL should you promote?"

Social media applications, email accounts, blogs, web sites, shopping carts, payment gateways, CMSs, CRMs - all of these channels need feeding with new content and/or monitoring to make sure you are engaging with your audience and taking advantage of opportunities. You don't want an important email to languish in a little-used account, a sold merchandise item to go unshipped, a new lead ignored, or a question posted to a blog or Facebook page to go unanswered. How does one remember to check up on all these channels? Read more

Tidbits from Carolyn's Inbox

Here is a selection of random interesting artistic information that I've recieved in my email lately:
    CALL FOR ARTISTS & PERFORMERS - With spring right around the corner, The Northern Arts Council of Ferguson, Missouri will be gearing up for outdoor festivals as well as the Ferguson Farmers' Market, held directly across the street from the NAC Gallery. This means lots of great opportunities to share your knowledge, talent, skills & energy while also supporting the arts locally! More information

    The Museum of Bad Art is excited to offer our patrons the opportunity to become an "Official MOBA Guest Interpretator". Submit an inspired title for a work, along with an interpretation to enter. The winner will receive a free copy of Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks as well as have the unequivocal honor of interpretating an official specimen of the MOBA gallery. More information

    St. Louis Downtown Architectural Walking Tours will resume for the season in April. I've taken each tour in the past and had a great time. More information

    Summer camp sessions will begin at Leftovers, Etc. in St. Charles, Missouri in June. More information Laumeier Scuplture Park in St. Louis County also offeres art classes, workshops and art camps for kid and adults. More information.

    The SIUE Friends of Art Annual Art Auction is April 8, 2010 a the N.O. Nelson Campus of Lewis & Clark Community College (formerly known as Wagner Complex). For more information about the auction, call 618-650-3073 or send email to

Indoor water garden with newts, lucky bamboo, java fern, java moss, cryptocoryne and duckweed Create an Indoor Water Garden

Do you have an empty aquarium handed down from someone who was formerly in the fishkeeping hobby? Are you eager to work on your outdoor garden but are frustrated because it's not warm enough yet? Do you like the idea of water gardening but don't have space for a pond? If so, here is a fun project you might enjoy. The suggested plants and animals are all easy to care for and would make good choices for beginners in aquarium keeping.

Read more

Carolyn's Stamp Store Adds New Products to Catalog

Here is a selection of new products that have been added to Carolyn's Stamp Store since the last newsletter:

Leaf Moldable Black Foam Tips 3-Pack
Leaf Moldable Black Foam Tips 3-Pack
ColorBox FLUID CHALK Ink Refill - Warm Green
ColorBox FLUID CHALK Ink Refill - Warm Green
StazOn Permanent Ink Refill  Hydrangea Blue
StazOn Permanent Ink Refill Hydrangea Blue
Style Stone Celtic 2
Style Stone Celtic 2

Convertible Necklaces Featured Project from Carolyn's Stamp Store:
Convertible Necklaces

In the spring, a man's fancy might turn to love, but a woman's fancy turns to her wardrobe - am I right? This is the season to go through your closet, get rid of some old things, and bring in some new things. If you can't afford a lot of new things, accessories can really help jazz up your old outfits and make them more interesting. By making convertible necklaces, you can bring new life to an old necklace or make interchangeable parts for lots of combinations.

Read more: Convertible Necklaces

Until next time,

Carolyn Hasenfratz

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Carolyn Hasenfratz Design Newsletter
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