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  1. Hi Carolyn, I wrote a comment, then hit a wrong button, not unusual and it disappeared. Do you still make the small notebooks, approx 4.25 x 4.75, with a cardboard cover bound by a string with a bead? I bought two of them a few years ago at Schnarr Hardware in Webster. I’m visiting family in Austria in a month and would like to take some handmade gifts made in our neighborhood. I live in northwest Webster, near Lockwood and Rock Hill. Any ideas would be welcome. Thank you. Kathie Price

    1. Are you thinking about something in this style?


      Or more like this style?


      If you like I can bring some of what I have left with me to Schnarr’s Webster tommorrow (September 11), my shift there is 12-6. Or if you want me to make something new I can, depending on when you need it done. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi

    I have a question, i see a lot of items in this shop
    https://screenshot…. that you also sell in your store.
    But there items are 21% cheaper,
    well my question is what is the difference between your webshop and theirs,
    is it the quality or something else, i hope you can help me!


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    1. My stamps are designed by me and manufactured by a small company in the USA that I outsource the manufacturing to. I’m a one-person shop so I make small runs that probably cost a lot more per unit (10 at a time usually) than other manufacturers who make thousands at a time. I can’t say that the quality of my stamps is necessarily better. The only way to tell that would be to stamp one of each and see which prints better. I use red rubber which is as far as I know the best material available for stamp making. They way I do my pricing is I figure the cost per square inch and double it. That compensates me some for the design time and administrative stuff and hopefully a little profit. Thanks for asking!

    2. What I wrote above only applies to the stamps that are unique to my store. For items that I buy wholesale to sell that are manufactured by other companies, there is no difference. I’m a retailer so I sell things at a higher price than a wholesaler does. A wholesaler sells large quantities at a time, and usually requires a minimum order. The wholesalers I deal with typically require me to buy $100 – $1,000 USD of products at one time and there is often a minimum order for 1 item, for example I have to order three of each thing in many cases. A retailer can sell just one item to a consumer and the consumer pays extra for the convenience of not having to buy huge quantities at a time. Plus there are fees for listing products on Etsy, and an additional fee if something sells. Companies that own their own web sites can save money and offer lower prices if they do enough volume. The benefit to the consumer in buying from me and not a larger company is that since I am a one person company, if there are any problems with the order I’m the sole person responsible for fixing it and I can be reached for personal service. Also I have knowledge about the products and can guide people in their use since I mostly stock products that I use myself and like. Some people see value in personal service, some just want the lowest price no matter what and don’t care if the service is good or bad. Stores both on and offline have to decide if their customers care about personal service or not and aim for the audience they are going for. I hope that helps explain!

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