Introduction to Letterboxing

Letterboxing logbook and samples of personal stamps
Letterboxing logbook and samples of hand carved personal stamps.

I recently taught a two-part class to help people get started in the hobby of Letterboxing which combines outdoor exploration and creative expression. Two of the items you need to participate are a rubber stamp and a logbook. In part one, we hand carved a personal stamp and in part two we made a personal logbook. I wrote a tutorial for each class and they are now published on the Schnarr’s Hardware blog. If you want to try letterboxing or just learn to carve a rubber stamp and make a simple handmade book, here are links to my tutorials.

Read more on the Schnarr’s Hardware blog:

/Introduction to Letterboxing – Part I – Carving a Personal Stamp

Introduction to Letterboxing – Part II – Making a Personal Logbook

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Letterboxing

  1. I am slightly confused by the sewing directions for the book. You say “come up through the middle hole” but there are two middle holes, according to your directions. Could you please help me understand?

  2. Sorry about that, you can go through either hole. The only reason there are two holes is to make it easier to tie the cord off at the end. I should change it to read one of the two holes.

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