Make a textile out of fabric and thread scraps

A rainbow scrap textile in progress

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been creatively inspired to make things out of scraps. When I work on hand-stitched fabric projects, I often have several going at one time which means I switch thread colors often. Although there are many needles in my sewing tool stash, I have two or three that are my consistent favorites. Re-threading needles is easy for me since I do it constantly, but it’s a task that still takes time and care and I don’t enjoy doing it more often than necessary. Once I have a needle threaded, I want to use the color all up until the thread is too short to be of any use, even to me!

If I don’t have a project in progress at hand that can use odds and ends of threads, I will often sew semi-random scraps of fabric to scrap pieces of backing fabric to run off the extra thread so that I can quickly switch back to sewing with one of my favorite needles. Over time, I periodically accumulate enough of this new “textile” to make something else with it. Since these types of scrap textiles have a lot of raw edges in them, I won’t use them in something that gets a lot of wear or has to be washed because they would not survive for long. Even with that restriction, I have found good uses for the scrap textiles. Here are some examples!

Holiday ornaments
Christmas stockings
Throw pillows
Parts for art quilts

What will my rainbow piece turn into? I’m not sure, but I have some crazy images in my head involving that piece and some pale yellow, lime green, and electric blue tulle. What will happen?

4 thoughts on “Make a textile out of fabric and thread scraps

  1. I love your imagination, creativity and skill to make beautiful art out of everyday things. You are truly gifted, Carolyn!

  2. Love the pig from scrap fabrics❣️All your sewing projects are fun! Since I started sewing at age 8 (67 yrs ago!) I made most my own clothes, baby clothes for a niece, tack quilts for 2 grandsons, & more throughout the years, I kind of burned out sewing & less hand stitching! I still love others’ projects tho❣️!

    1. That’s about the age I started! My Mom was really into the country crafts look, and I do like vintage and primitive but not necessarily country crafts looking, so when I use a few of the old patterns that she had I try to make it look a little more contemporary or “arty”. My Mom made the pig in one of those country blue fabrics with the tiny flowers – looked very different!!!!

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