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Rubber stamp collage with a theme

Sometimes when I’m stuck for ideas I’ll make a themed collage out of rubber stamped images combined with other images on paper scraps. My approach is more like an all-over pattern in the manner of a fabric print or wrapping paper rather than a fine art collage with a focal point. This all-over pattern collage is easy and I can almost do it on autopilot. When the collage is finished I usually get inspired with ideas for how to use it. If not, I scan it, put it in a folder, and I know it will be there for later when I need it.

To begin select some stamps that fit a theme of your choice and stamp them in black ink on different colors of paper.

Stamp credits: Art strip CarolynHDesign, paintbrush by Stampa Rosa, Art from Dream Slab by Postmodern Design, paint tube by Tin Can Mail, Art Capital A by Hampton Art Stamps, Limbert’s Arts and Crafts stamp unknown.

Tear out the images you just stamped into small pieces, then do the same to some decorative paper and found images from your stash. To go with my art and art tools theme, I picked some black and white papers.

Black and white decorative papers by CanvasCorp.

I start gluing down paper pieces in the middle of a piece of backing paper, then work my way gradually out to the edge.

There are usually a few gaps left here and there after the paper is nearly full, so I cut or tear some pieces to size to fill in the last few spots.

I usually end up cutting the resulting collage into smaller pieces to use in paper crafting projects such as cards. But before I do that I scan the image so I have a digital file of it that I can use in graphic design projects.

Try inverting the colors in some graphic editing software such as Photoshop for unexpected color combinations.

After inverting, I slid the HSB (Hue Saturation Brightness) tool to get additional fresh color combinations. I stopped on this, my favorite, to export a sample I want to use right away. I think after this article goes live I will use it for awhile as a Facebook cover graphic.

Here are some crafted and digital projects I’ve made in the past that make use of themed collages using the same process.

Journal cover

Decoupage on a repurposed tin

Mixed media tag jewelry

Shadow box

Jewelry display box for craft shows

Lid of storage box

Valentine card

Route 66 Motor Tour T-Shirt

Holiday Slide Show

New Year Card

Wedding web site background

Rubber Stamp a Mosaic Paper Frame

Rubber stamped paper frame around a collage on an art journal page. I made the collage based on an activity prompt by Somerset Studio Magazine. The stencils for the collage are by The Crafter’s Worshop and Tim Holtz. The rubber stamps in black making up the frame are of my own design. The background paper is by p13.

I made this rubber stamped paper frame for an art journal page. You can make one like it for that purpose or other projects such as scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo displays and more.

When I placed my collage on this piece of decorative paper for my art journal, I thought it needed a little more so I decided to make a frame for it. I used tracing paper to draw out the size and shape I wanted. Then I transferred my drawing to scrap card stock and cut a template to use for tracing.

I traced around and cut out four frame pieces.

I wanted black and near-white rubber stamped images to glue to the frames, so I got a bunch of stamps out that are of my own design and stamped them in black stamping ink on cream color card stock. Some of these stamp designs are available in my Etsy shop, and some only exist as hand carved stamps.

Tearing the stamped cardstock into strips for making smaller mosaic pieces

I tore the stamped images into small pieces, and glued them to the frames.

After trimming the frames were done and ready to mount in my art journal.