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Easter Card Tutorial

Easter card with rubber stamped and stenciled decoration
Easter card with rubber stamped and stenciled decoration

Here is a project that will help you use up some paper scraps!

Tools and Supplies
Decorative paper scraps in pastel and spring colors
Paper cutter
Corner rounder
Scoring tool
Folding tool
Masking tape (low-tack type is best)
Stencils with interesting background textures
Rubber stamps, including small letter stamps
Rubber stamping ink – black and assorted colors
Heat tool (optional)
Clean scrap paper
Glue stick
Small hole punch
Eyelet setter


  1. Draw an egg shape 1 3/4″ tall on the back of decorative paper. If you have a die cut, punch or stencil that is around that size you can use that. Cut out egg. If you need inspiration for color schemes, scroll down to the bottom of this article for more samples.
  2. Cut some thin strips out of a contrasting paper and glue them on the front of the egg. Trim the stripes around the edge of the egg shape with scissors.
  3. Cut out a piece of paper 2 1/4 x 2 1/4″ for a background to the egg. Round the corners with a corner rounder. Stamp a textural stamp on part of of the square. In my sample I used a stamp from 7gypsies. Make sure the ink is dry, use a heat tool if necessary to speed it up. Glue the egg onto the square.
  4. Cut an 8 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ inch piece from cardstock for the body of the card. Score down the middle and fold in half.
  5. On the front of the card, sponge some rubber stamping ink in complementary colors through some interesting background stencils. For my samples I used stencils from The Crafters Workshop. Hold the stencil and card in place with masking tape on your work surface if necessary while working.
  6. When ink is dry, stamp a textural rubber stamp along the top and bottom edges in a complementary color of your choice. In my sample I used a stamp from 7gypsies.
  7. Glue the square with the egg on it to the middle of the front of the card.
  8. Stamp two large brackets on either side of the square in black. I used stamps from the set “Memory Craft Helpers” from Carolyn’s Stamp Store.
  9. Cut two strips of paper 3/8″ x 4.25″. Using black ink stamp the word “Happy” in the center of one and “Easter” on the other. I used a stamp set with interchangeable letters to form the words. Randomly stamp a design in black here and there on one or both of the strips. For my samples I used a stamp from 7gypsies that looks like ledger paper. Glue the two strips in place above and below the square with the egg on it.
  10. Punch four holes in the ends of the paper strips and insert an complementary color eyelet in each. Set the eyelets.
  11. You’re done! If you want to make a matching envelope for the card, the free downloadable template “Square Envelope Template” will fit.
Easter cards in a variety of color schemes
Easter cards in a variety of color schemes

Biodegradable Easter Basket Tutorial

Biodegradeable Easter Basket
Biodegradable Easter Basket

Would you like to make an Easter basket that you can cut apart and bury in the garden when you’re done with it? If growing conditions are right you might even be able to grow some wildflowers!

Tools and Supplies
Biodegradable Easter Basket Template
Laminating sheets (optional)
Folding tool
Masking tape
Plantable seed paper
Rubber stamps
Rubber stamping ink
Clean scrap paper
Yes Paste
Piece of cut-up credit card
Stiff, short-bristled paintbrush (can be an old one – it’s for spreading glue)
4 clothespins or clips
Small hole punch
Gift basket shred

Make the Template

  1. Download and print out the Biodegradable Easter Basket template.
  2. Laminate the parts for durability if desired, and cut out.

Make the Basket

  1. Trace the piece labeled “cardstock piece” on cardstock, and cut out. Make folds where indicated.
  2. Cut a 3″ x 4″ piece from clean scrap paper to use as a mask. Make a loop from masking tape and use it to temporarily tack down the mask piece to what will be the bottom of the basket.
  3. Rubber stamp the basket sides.
  4. Remove mask, and fold up the sides. Apply Yes Paste to tabs and press to the insides of the basket. Hold tabs with clothespins or clips until the glue dries.
  5. Trace the piece labeled “seed paper piece” onto a piece of plantable paper. Fold at the base of the basket. At the top of the flaps, fold in the opposite direction to make a liner.
  6. Spread Yes Paste onto the inside bottom of the basket, and press liner into the bottom.
  7. Spread Yes Paste onto underside of flaps, and press into place on the outside of the basket.
  8. Cut out a piece of cardstock or seed paper that is 1″ x 8.5″. If using cardstock, stamp it with the same color you used on the bottom of the basket.
  9. Cut out a piece of contrasting color seed paper that is .5″ x 8.5″. Glue this strip down the center of the 1″ wide strip to make your handle piece.
  10. With a small hole punch, make holes in lower part of basket and handle piece where indicated on the template.
  11. Line up holes and glue handle to basket. Hold in place with clips if necessary.
  12. Take egg tag template and place on back of seed paper. Trace around with pencil and cut out. Punch two holes in egg where indicated on the template. Fold in half.
  13. Thread raffia through 1/2 of the basket starting at the outside by one of the handles. Leave some trailing ends of raffia. Take another piece of raffia and thread the other half of the basket. Run one of the raffia pieces through the egg shaped tag. Tie ends of raffia together in a bow at the outside of the basket where the handles connect.
  14. Fill with compostable gift basket shred and goodies, and you’re done! After you’re done with the basket, if you want to you can bury it in your garden and if growing conditions are right you might get some new wildflower plants from the seed paper!