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Stencil a Wood Garden Sign

Me with wood garden signs that I made along with supplies I used to make them. I'll be demonstrating stenciling at Schnarr's Ladies' Night, April 30th, 2015.
Me with wood garden signs that I made along with supplies to make them. I’ll be demonstrating stenciling at Schnarr’s Ladies’ Night, April 30th, 2015.

How would you like a practical and decorative wooden sign for your yard or garden? Stencils are handy for such a project because they are available in letters, numbers and lots of fun decorative designs.

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Make an Insulator Votive Candle Lantern

Votive candle lanterns made from glass insulators
Votive candle lanterns made from glass insulators

Do you collect glass insulators? I often see them for sale in antique shops and there are several web sites with information for insulator collectors. I’ve always found them attractive looking and I thought they’d be even more interesting if made into something functional. Flameless votive candles are a lot of fun (and safe) to incorporate into your decor. In this project I’ll show you how to make a glass insulator into a flameless candle lantern.

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Decoupage Gift Box

Upcycled Decoupage Gift Box
Upcycled Decoupage Gift Box

I repurposed this gift box into a nice storage box by doing some decoupage work on the lid. First I glued down antique imagery. Next I rubber stamped harmonious images onto gold and white tissue paper with Staz On permanent rubber stamp ink and glued those pieces down. After that layer was dry, I brushed varnish over the whole box top for durability.

Check out my Pinterest board for sources of free images to download and print out – Free Graphics and Fonts.

Stamping on Tissue Paper – Part 1

Stamping on tissue paper can be very useful for planning out rubber stamped designs. This arrangement was made while I was designing a stamped border of hand carved rubber stamps for my kitchen, to which I’m trying to give a Santa Fe look.

rubber stamping on tissue paper
Rubber stamping on tissue paper is a great way to plan projects.

You could use plain ordinary scrap paper and not tissue paper, but tissue paper has the advantage of being transparent. Transparency is a great aid to planning designs in which the paper bits might overlap, since you can see the orientation of the design below through the translucent paper. In the example below, I am upcycling a worn out and cracked wooden cutting board. I filled in the cracks with spackling paste, sanded, and am in the process of building up the design with sponging, stenciling and stamping. I will put cork strips on the bottom to make it into a trivet.

Some of the stamp designs you see above are available in a smaller size in my shop – check out my Petroglyph Rubber Stamps.

Bathroom Makeover – Beaded Curtain

DIY beaded curtain made from recycled beads

I’ve been saving assorted plastic beads for many years. I decided to select some of these in colors that go well with the tile work I’m doing in my bathroom and make a beaded curtain for the doorway from them. I’ve wanted one of these since my childhood in the 1970s, but never had one until now!

DIY beaded curtain

Fishing line and different kinds of cord and string will stretch when loaded down with beads, so I decided to experiment with stringing on recycled florist wire. I like the results – I won’t ever have to restring these because of stretching, and they are easy to attach to the screw in hooks that I used to suspend them.

DIY beaded curtain