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Collaged Valentine Candy Holder

I decorated this hanging candy holder for Valentine’s Day, but the
design is versatile and can be used for a number of occasions – just
change the collage piece inserted in the front of the holder!

Tutorial and free template here – http://carolynsstampstore.com/catalog/valentine_candy_holder.php

Valentine Faux Postage

I had some fun this weekend using stamps from the faux postage collection from Carolyn’s Stamp Store to make postal art for Valentine projects.

Valentine Faux Postage

Images with an all-over design like the one above work well for header
graphics because you can accommodate it to several different sizes and formats. I like to change headers on my various web accounts seasonally. Here are the image sizes you will need for some popular web sites:

Facebook – 646 x 220

Google + – 823 x 464

Etsy – 760 x 100

If you’d like to make your own Valentine Faux Postage, I designed a special rubber stamp set to make it easier – Valentine Faux Postage Helpers Unmounted.